Sunday, September 27, 2009

Exploring & Growing--The Refreshment of a Different Point of View

When our sons were Sesame Street age, I sometimes watched that wonderful show with them. One delightful piece I still remember featured video of a variety of creatures and a catchy song, each chorus ending with the claim, "It all depends on where you put your eyes." The camera gave us glimpses of the world as it may look to a giraffe, for example, contrasted with the way it may look to many other critters with eyes at radically different levels.
Strangely, that song has popped up in my mind several times in recent days. What's that about? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something about my perspectives, goals, or viewpoint? If it is, I will do my best to listen and learn from it.
I have posted in the past about our love for walks on the beach. We are grateful to live near the mighty Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the many moods of the waves and weather there. Somehow, our little Shih-tzu, Magnolia, who is too short to see much out the car windows, always knows when we are crossing the bridge over the intracoastal waterway. Her excitement builds as we drive on the offshore island side of the bridge where the pavement is wavy and gives us a mini-roller coaster ride. We both anticipate our beach time with joy.
However, I also love the distinctive and varied salt marshes in the Jacksonville area and enjoy contemplating the stretch of golden, green and/or brown (depending on the season) marsh grasses visible from the bridge. When the tide is low, more water birds are poking around among the mussel beds and crab holes; when it is high, more fishing boats congregate.
One fine day on our way home from the beach, I decided to explore the neighborhood closest to the marsh on the mainland side and made a sharp right turn just off the bridge. When I could see through to the marsh between yards, fences, and old trees, I had a whole new perspective on the bridge, marsh, and intracoastal waterway. The photo above is one view this lovely area provided.
So, as the Sesame Street song continues to invade my reflections, I recalled this experience, which struck me as a metaphor for the richness available in life--depending on where I put my eyes. Don't have anything profound to say about that just now, but I'll keep on looking and listening.
Question of the day: Where are your eyes these days? Have you recently found a new perspective, are you hopeful for a change in viewpoint, or is your outlook just right for this time in life?


  1. At times I try to look through the eyes of my grandchildren, my students and even my spouse. It can be a very rewarding, but sometimes a troubling experience.
    Thanks for creating thoughts for me to consider.

  2. Wonderful thoughts, as always, Mary. I've always said one need just open their eyes to see the beauty in this world...can be seen everywhere. While not quite the same line of thinking, it is similar to your own thoughts. One of our dogs always seems to know when we get close to home. He goes from restful bliss on the back seat to instant alert, jingling tags and looking out the windows. Then again, our dogs love going in the van and have logged more miles than many people do!

  3. Bill, I appreciate and am intrigued by your thoughtful response. The people around you are fortunate that you try to understand life through their eyes.

    Autumn, you are right about seeing beauty, and I know you are particularly sensitive to it. It's fun to hear about your dogs and their love for travel.

    Thank you both for your contributions to our conversation.