Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beautiful Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia

     When we were in Georgia recently to visit family and friends, we toured Gibbs Gardens. Our time there was renewing and inspiring, with truly gorgeous landscaped and planted areas as well as extensive natural hillsides, streams, and meadows. The day lily gardens were featured at the time we were there; visits at other times of the year feature whatever flowers are naturally in full bloom in that mini-season.

     I won't try to describe the many features or history of this delightful attraction. If you are interested, their web site is lovely and informative. The gardens are located less than an hour north of Atlanta, GA, in the triangle formed by GA 400, I-285, and I-575 (off I-75). We would highly recommend you see it for yourselves sometime--if you live anywhere near the area or if you travel through Atlanta in the future.

     I have been enjoying my creative everyday life in recent months, and apologize for not posting for quite awhile. Beginning now, I plan to resume blogging more regularly again--as well as making more faithful visits to the postings of blogging friends.

Question of the day: What flowers or flowering plants do you most enjoy?