Friday, January 27, 2017

River Cruise in Southern France, Part II

Medieval era fortifications and tower in Viviers
     Two more posts will show you some of my favorite scenes on our Viking River Cruise in southern France; today some sights in a medieval village and in a large conservation area and next time, the remarkable last day of touring, when we enjoyed a morning at a historic, family-owned winery in the Beaujolais region and then visited the inspirational site of the Abbey of Cluny. One earlier post from our river cruise is here.

     One of our favorite shore excursions was a morning in Viviers, a small village with a remarkably intact medieval city center. Our delightful, funny, amazing story teller guide made the visit extra special. She lives in one of the old homes--she showed us the location--where an aunt had participated in the French Resistance during World War II and where Jewish people had sheltered as they were being guided out of the country by brave French citizens. 
Renaissance era house in Viviers, Maison des Chevaliers
View from Medieval wall, Viviers



 A steam train ride deep into a protected river gorge by steam train (the area is not accessible by car) on a beautiful day made another morning memorable. The Doux Valley is a protected conservation area--a pristine wilderness area a short ride from the charming city of Tournon. The three photos below are just a few tastes of the serene, yet dramatic views we enjoyed during this scenic ride.