Saturday, August 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties--Will post again when I can

My beloved 7 1/2 year old IMac is in a coma, and I think I will let her go this time. So, I am typing from another computer, but don't have access to my photos, etc. I plan to take my time choosing another computer and will not be posting or visiting all your wonderful blogs for a few weeks. I look forward to communicating again later in the month.


  1. I'll miss you, Mary. Hopefully you can get more painting done in your down time??!!

  2. Ouch! I'm relating here as my old Dell is showing signs of terminal collapse. Now education my self on the latest and greatest and even more uneccesarily complex computer technology. Yuk....... :(

  3. It could have been lovely to paint more while we were without a computer, but, as it happened, we had travel plans for the last few weeks. Had a terrific time with family members and are now home with a spankin' new IMac to play with.

    I'm with you, TB, and the complexity of PCs is the main reason I enjoy having an Apple. Not that it is simple for my maturing mind to learn, but better and more intuitive--at least for me. We also signed up for one year's worth of unlimited one-on-one instruction sessions at our Apple store. This time I hope to learn the simplest and best way to utilize this machine rather than fumbling my way to complicated methods for everything.