Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Growing--Our Art Studio Reception Was Great!

The Open Studio Reception in our home on Sunday afternoon was all that we had hoped for--and more. I am humbled by and grateful for all the friends and neighbors who came and supported the event. Over 50 people came and, so far, 7 paintings are sold, with at least one other person considering a purchase. She actually took notes on her favorite pieces so that she could
spend a few days making a decision. Common wisdom among artists is that the primary purpose of this kind of event is to introduce one's work to people and that we should not expect any (or very many) sales. So, I feel particularly fortunate for the solid interest shown by our guests. UPDATE: I have now added an index to all blog posts about planning and holding an art reception. Access it here.

If i had had more small pieces, like the 5" x 7" marsh studies and Plitvice National Park study (from our journey to Croatia), I could have sold more--they sold quickly. I also sold two of the three 9" x 12" paintings available, Magnolia on Purple and Cypress Swamp. Several times at the reception, someone told me that they would have liked to buy one of the pieces that had already sold. How affirming is that? I'll remember them and their preferences when I create something new with a similar feeling to the paintings they would have purchased so that I can let them know more work is available.
Also, amazingly, one 12" x 16" piece and one 18" x 24" piece sold. You have seen those as well--the former shows deep reddish wildflowers against a white fence at Jacksonville Beach, and the latter captures a blue heron at Hanna Lake Park. The couple who called the next day to say that they had decided to buy the Hanna Park Heron were attracted to the painting for itself and for two other reasons: they have a beloved blue heron like the one in the painting who frequents a wetlands area on their property, and they have happy memories of many camping outings in Hanna Park. How delightful is that? Regular readers have seen these in previous posts. If you want to view some of my paintings, simply enter the word "painting" in the search box above left, and posts that show or discuss paintings will appear.
More photos and stories from the reception will appear in the next post. For now, I want to post this much and then need to go give blood shortly. By the way, I am in the back yard photo in an aqua jacket and print skirt. The paintings for sale were displayed in various rooms of the house, as you can see above the chair in the living room.
Once again, let me thank you, blogging friends, for your helpful support and encouragement as I planned this (for me) scary new undertaking. You all bring me joy as well as new insights and ideas--thank you.
Question of the day: What joys and gifts have blogging friends given you?


  1. Congratulations! I would have liked to have been there myself but Minn. to Florida is a little far on short notice

  2. wow! CONGRATULATIONS! way to go, more paintings to come!

    blogging friends always give support and encouragement all the time. :)

  3. Hah! Mary I picked you out of the crowd and I hadn't even seen a photo before! LOL (I love small victories...teehee) What a wonderfully delightful turnout! I am so proud of you for your sales too! If others are in the same financial boat I am in, I am not surprised to know that smaller paintings sold very well. Even the few pieces I've bought have had to be, by necessity, small. Just can't afford the prices of my fave artists! Not that they are not well-deserved; I just do not have it! Of course, when I can spare the money, I try to buy from my artist blogging friends. I have six Jane Hunt pieces (and a large one that we hope to buy with tax refund), one Pat Koscienski piece, one piece from Nicole (Lunamoth blog) that was a gift (she is so sweet!!), and several less expensive pieces that I have purchased from eBay. I just buy when I can. Now...I just need to frame pieces for the walls! I hope to eventually buy from each of the artist bloggers that I follow as extra money comes available.

  4. Thank you for your good wishes, troutbirder--wish you and all the blogosphere friends could have come.

    You're right about how supportive blogging friends are, Cher--as your visit and kindness clearly show!

    Autumn, I often call you insightful, but maybe something even spookier is going on :>) --how did you know which person was me? Thank you for your encouraging comments. How terrific you are to support your fellow artists by purchasing their work--I know it means the world to an artist.

  5. Congrats, Mary... I'm so happy your reception went so well. You are just beginning I'm sure!!!!!

    I lived in Jax from 1979-1984. I worked at Lakewood United Methodist Church and we lived off of San Jose Blvd. My oldest son graduated from Wolfson HS there.

    AND--my brother (who died recently) lived at the Westminster Woods Retirement Home south of Mandarin. SO--I know alot about your city.

    Keep those paintings coming. You are so very very talented.

  6. Thank you for pulling me to your blog! Your paintings are wonderful and it is easy to understand why you did so well at your reception - congratulations!

  7. Thank you for your warm words and hugs, Betsy--you are such a doll. It is fun to hear about your Jax connections. I think that you had once mentioned your brother having been at Westminster Woods. And we live quite near Lakewood Methodist Church. Our big wonderful world can be delightfully small, too, sometimes. It's great to hear from you--I know you are busy with a very large blogging circle as well as all your other activities. So, I appreciate you taking time to stop in.

    Beverly, I treasure your kind words and good wishes. Given what a fine artist you are, your encouragement is especially meaningful.

  8. WHat a great success, Mary! How wonderful for you!

    Oh, what joys from my blogging friends! To see art and nature from around the globe is a thrill. To read of the every day life of others is always a wonderful thing. I find much inspiration in blogs.

  9. Thank you for your encouragement and cheers, Jean. You are the perfect example of a good blogging friend with your warmth and enthusiasm for the blogs--and lives--of others! Not to mention what a super blog you create for all of us to enjoy; I love it!