Sunday, November 15, 2009

Savoring--Friends Who Made Our Open Studio Reception Wonderful

Several good friends enhanced our Open Studio Reception last Sunday, and we are deeply grateful for the contribution they made to the event. Before I mention two friends in particular, I must say that I could not imagine even having done this without my husband, Mark, along with our younger son and his fiancee, Pete and Ashley. They have encouraged my painting in ways that gave me the courage and vision to stage an art showing in our home. I cannot find words adequate for my gratitude to them for this, and for all the love they show. They also helped host, serve, guide guests to the paintings, and handled all the details so that I could mingle and play at being the artiste.
Since our reception theme was seasonal, Harvest Delights, I had invited our friends, Brian and Kristin Lapinski, to participate. They grow fantastic produce using sustainable, organic methods on their "Down to Earth Farm". I envisioned a spread of their colorful, delicious winter vegetables and flowers available for our guests to purchase. Brian responded that my date was a couple of weeks too early for many of their winter crops, but that he would bring what he could. Then, he had the brilliant, creative idea of planting mixed salad greens in low 12" bowls, raising them from seed in his greenhouse and bringing them, still in soil in the pots, to sell. The salad bowls are amazing, and our guests loved them. Whenever we need greens from ours, we cut the amount we want, and the rest continues to grow. For a single, reasonable price, we will have multiple cuttings of super-fresh baby greens (and reds, for that matter--there is a variety of salads in the bowl). In the photo, you see the bowls displayed on the table--more bowls are available in the yard behind the flower pot on the right.
Meanwhile, in the living room, our friend, Greg Spiess, an accomplished professional musician, provided lovely piano music. His gift of music put everyone at ease and enjoying themselves, even if they did not know other people there. The easy mix of light classics, show tunes, and popular "classics" from recent decades gave the reception a very classy feel. We are delighted with the invaluable addition to our party Greg generously provided. He is a prince!
Question of the day: How do family and friends support your dreams and projects? I feel a wonderful sense of community in my life and feel that I seldom, if ever, do anything strictly on my own--I stand on the shoulders of others and reach higher because of the encouragement of others.


  1. Another success Mary. This is such a wonderful idea.

  2. This so looks like it was great fun, Mary. I love what your friends and family have done to help make this a go, make it fun, make it successful. I think the only one who really fosters my dreams completely is my husband. The rest of the family considers me flakey. LOL

  3. Thank you, Joan, for your encouragement. The ideas for the event were adapted from the best of art events I have attended and from my wonderful friends on a Think Tank blog for art marketing (which I joined several months ago) along with a few features of my own making. It all came together well, and I am so grateful for that.

    Autumn, I am so glad that you have a supportive husband--a priceless treasure, isn't he? And I hope the rest of your family recognizes your creativity even if is seems a bit off-beat to them. Lots of us, your friends in blogland, also think your vision and your gifts are wonderful.

  4. Your post is inspiring, to say the least. Having an event like that at your own home must have made a big impression on your guests. Art should invite people to fellowship and friendship. In answer to your question, my husband and grown children support me and enjoy my artistic efforts. The rest of the family usually has nothing to say about them except things like "you're really putting yourself out there," or "how narcissistic." I can't say that it doesn't hurt just a little, but then I remember that I don't work to please them. Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I'm glad to find another Florida blog!

  5. I very much appreciate your visit and wonderful comments, W2W. I am also glad to find another Florida blog and will come see you again.