Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Learning--Blogging and Landscape Painting

Thank you for your positive response to the last post. Today, I am posting a related article, also a repeat of a post from this past May. I hope you enjoy it and promise something brand new next time.

Did you learn something new today? Whether simple facts or complex new abilities, new learnings enrich life, keep us mentally and emotionally young, and just plain add fun to our creative everyday lives. I am a compulsive learner on many levels and love to gain new insights and skills. Some of my most rewarding learnings have followed attempts to understand or do something I assumed I would not do well. Taking that risk is stimulating, sometimes humbling, and always enlivening (at least in the long run), no matter what the result is.

This blog is one example of a personal learning adventure. As a minimally computer-literate person, I faced a steep learning curve in order to begin posting. Those of you who are computer-adept would have found my approach hilarious, involving everything from perusing library books to asking friends to viewing on-line video how-tos. Numerous notes and lists later, I took the heart-pounding dive off the . . . well, so far, what I have done is probably analogous to slicing into the pool from the edge; this is hardly the high dive of blogging. However, it represents an achievement for me, both in learning the basics of blogging and in publishing the thoughts and adventures of an introverted self for y'all readers.
I wonder: If blogging had been simple for me, would it have been as rewarding as it is now? In time, I hope to advance to more variety in format and to including appropriate links for interested readers, and more! (Note: I have learned to insert clickable links since I wrote this--progress!) It's a shame you can't all watch over my shoulder to chuckle (in the nicest possible way, of course) at my ongoing efforts in techno-communication. Truthfully, the process is not always fun for me, but my small triumphs are satisfying--and, hopefully, are also beneficial flexing for my maturing brain.
Oh, about the photo above, you ask? A few years ago, I took a wonderful painting course. Awkwardly wielding an artist's brush for the first time since elementary school, I discovered a whole new source of creative expression and satisfaction. With zero expectation that I would produce anything even worth keeping, I was astonished to like some of the paintings I made in the class. Now, that's a sign of a world-class teacher! I'll describe that learning adventure in future posts. In the meantime, you can view an effort from about a year ago--my response to exploring Big Talbot Island (see a recent post about that unique beach below).
Question of the day: What new learning adventure intrigues you? What fears keep you on the side of that pool? Why not give it a try?


  1. I read several of your posts and found them very interesting. Great photos and I will try some of the recipes.

  2. Hi Mary..
    Thanks for visiting and reminding me what an interesting blog you have here!!
    I sooooooo agree with you -- about adventuring out as a "tourist" nearby our own homes. Sometimes in everyday life we just don't see the beauty that is there.
    I find that when I go out with my painter's eyes, I see so much more.. Makes the experience so different and much nicer, I think.

    P.S. I can't believe that painting is one of your first.... It is AMAZING!!!

  3. Hi Mary! Lovely painting and so realistic. I first thought it was a photograph...:) Superb details..

    Water based Color Pencil: Pomegranates

  4. I thought it was a photograph at first too! This is innate talent!

  5. Thank you all for stopping in and especially, for taking the time to comment. I appreciate that very much.

    Bill, I am working to improve my photo skills, and given your terrific blog photos, your comment means a lot. Let me know how you like the recipes--it's fun to know that you will be trying some of them. I will have another recipe (an easy, but elegant dessert) in the next couple of weeks.

    Marian, your comments about the blog and this painting are tremendously encouraging--many thanks. Also, thank you for your insights about adventuring and seeing with painter's eyes. You are a peach!

    Megha, thank you for your kind comments. I do love this unique beach--that probably shows in the painting.

    A.L., you sure do know how to give a person a boost! Great to hear from you again.

  6. Mary, I always am glad when you check and see what I am painting.
    Your writing is thought provoking and a challenge to me.

  7. Mary, your painting and blogging ROCK!!! You have a warm heart and a caring spirit and will do well in the Blogosphere. :D

    You are right about meeting a challenge and then getting the reward.

    I said yes to becoming photo published and then had to dive in. :D It's been quite an amazing and spiritual journey.

    Have a super day!!!

    Hugs, JJ/Nancy

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, Mary! I am now following you! Your photos are beautiful and will make great reference material for your paintings~ Your Big Talbot painting is wonderful! You have the talent so keep going!

    Please visit my blog again - I wish I could write as well as you do - my entries are always so short.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my little nature blog and now I got to see yours. Very nice indeed. And the seascape you drew was very well done. Now I'll look for me. btw I have over 300 posts on two blog and still don't know all the tricks..

  10. Peggy, I'm glad you find the blog thought-provoking; your kind comment is very gratifying. I'll definitely keep coming back to see your lovely paintings.

    JJ, thank you for your most encouraging words. The hard work and careful thought I give to blogging is all worthwhile if I know it is meaningful to other people. It's fun to hear about your experiences--I'm glad your super photography is getting wider recognition.

    Lynne, your short blog entries are more like what the experts recommend. Be short and snappy, they say, in order to appeal to searchers. It is good for me to know that there are also people who appreciate longer entries, but don't put your blog style down. There is room for all of us with something creative to share.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Bill. It's encouraging to know that you still feel you don't know all the tricks because your blog is super. It is kind of you to encourage a relative newbie.

  11. I also thought the painting was a photograph. It looks so realistic and amazing!

  12. It's cool to hear from you, Icy; thank you for your visit. I also very much appreciate your comment. It is interesting to me that several commenters have felt that the painting looks like a photo.

    When I look at this piece, I think otherwise because I know what changes I have made from the actual scene--mostly simplification from a massive tangle of fallen trees and branches. It is truly fascinating to hear from you and others and to try to see this work through others' eyes.