Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning & Savoring--Inspiring Photo Books

I mentioned an accomplished photographer-friend, David Young, in my last post. Today, I'll show you some of the photos from one of his books, Prayer Photos, and say a few words about his books. If you would like to know more about them, you can email Dave at He has some copies of two of his books available for only $5, a substantial discount off the cover price. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I normally do not include anything even resembling advertising, but decided to make an exception for some exceptional books at a super price.
Prayer Photos is a high-quality, soft-cover book with a photo on each right-hand page and an appropriate free verse prayer poem by David Young on the left. The poems explore a variety of moods and human experiences, are non-sectarian, and would be meaningful to any spiritual person. The photos above are two examples of his sensitive, intriguing images.
I highly recommend this book as well as another he has available, called Coloring the Wind, with several one-page essays about peace, justice, and other topics, many short free verse poems, and more of David's beautiful photos, mostly of people, taken on his extensive travels to many cultures. He possesses an uncanny ability to capture a depth of character and meaning in a photo of an elderly Latina's face, of children at play around the world, of varied family groups, and more.
Question of the day: What powerful images have touched you recently?


  1. These are beautiful photos! Very impressive!

  2. Both of those photos are so wonderful, Mary! They both would make the cutest of paintings too!

  3. Thank you, Manon and Autumn, for your comments. I agree that these photos are impressive. And they are only a hint of the power of David Young's work.

  4. hi Mary! thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving flattering comments! i will be following you from now on. you too have one lovely and interesting blog i would surely enjoy! :)

  5. Hello Mary. Thanks for your kind words on my blog today. You have a lot of wonderful posts on yours too.

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  6. Thank you for visiting, Cher and Joan. I appreciate your support and will come back to visit Jeannette as well.