Friday, November 30, 2012

Second Show of Paintings at Paddiwhack Gallery

     I am thrilled to have a second opportunity to show paintings in the featured "nook" at the front of the wonderful Paddiwhack Shop in Gainesville, Florida. It is an honor and privilege to have works hung together in this premier location in the store. It has been about a year and a half since I last exhibited there. This group of pieces (plus one called "Sanderling in the Surf", which is featured elsewhere in the shop) shared the coveted pre-holiday time period with Paddiwhack's unique selection of holiday-themed items. Of course, all the other delightful treasures Paddiwhack is known for are also available in their wonderful, large space. As always, you can click on a photo to enlarge it.

     All the pieces in this exhibit are new to Paddiwhack. Given my slow painting pace and the various life events that occurred and kept me from painting at times in recent months, it was a challenge to produce and mount the 12 works shown at the shop. Since I have at some time posted about the Coastal North Florida explorations that led to the subjects for these works and about the painting process for each piece, I won't discuss that today. 

     One goal for this exhibit was to present a greater variety of sizes and prices than I had in the previous exhibit. The little pair of 5" x 7" marsh paintings seen on the chest near my artist's statement and business cards are the smallest, while the largest are two 18" x 24" paintings above that chest on the left. One shows a winter day at Big Talbot Island Park here in North Florida, where waves are gradually undermining a bluff causing trees, one by one over time, to fall into the water. The other represents a view of the St. Johns River by the National Historic Site at Kingsley Plantation. Whoops, there is one other in that size which the shop had kept from my previous exhibit--a view of the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville Beach, looking over the dunes and a foot bridge--seen on a side wall. 

     Thank you all for your good wishes as I recover from total hip replacement surgery. I am amazed and deeply grateful for the miracle of a new joint, for freedom from long-standing, constant pain, and for the wonder of growing strength and mobility the surgery and excellent physical therapy are making possible. I feel like a new woman!

Question of the day: Are you considering small, locally owned businesses like Paddiwhack and goods made in the USA in your holiday gift shopping?


  1. congratulations on your show- hope for lots of red dots! - all you love of the water comes through beautifully. and I'm so glad the recovery is going well.

  2. I remember when you showed here last year (or was it the year before?)...It is such a lovely venue to hang your art. I too hope they all sell!

    Love your questions of the day...I always consider local businesses for gifts, but often find myself without the money needed. Prices are often much higher (which becomes a vicious circle).

    So glad to hear you are up and about and recovering beautifully from a not so simple surgery.

  3. Thank you, Robin; selling paintings is never guaranteed, as you know only too well. But they only can sell if people can see them, so opportunities to get them "out there" in quality venues are good. What an encouraging and insightful observation you make about perceiving my love for the water in these pieces--that makes my day!

    Paddiwhack is a lovely venue, Sherry, and I like that it is not at all pretentious. You are certainly right that shopping locally costs more for name brand and standard items. I like finding the quirky little things that just aren't available in chain stores, and they can come at a reasonable price.

    Thank you both, my friends, for your good wishes on my recovery.

  4. Hello Mary, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting ... Hope you'll come back .
    Just want to say I too am recovering (well, recovered) from same surgery this past April.
    Doing very well also. Do your excercises, you'll do well.. I'm walking a mile a day again . Whoopee dooo !
    Love your Florida paintings. I'm in Plant City. BJ

  5. So glad to hear your hip replacement surgery and recovery went so well, Barbra Joan-- and good for you on the exercise front! You better believe I am doing my PT and assigned at-home exercises, too; it makes all the difference in recovery. Thank you for your compliment on the paintings, which is especially meaningful coming from a fellow Floridian, who knows what our area looks like.

  6. I am very glad your hip replacement surgery and recovery went so very good. I was praying for you. When you had your hip replacement. I pray for you and your family all the time. I am very glad you can paint again. I like all of your paintings very much. I like the one on the beach of Maggie. And most of all like the one when you and your family are on vacation. I hate that me and my family don't spent alot of tmie together and go on vacation together. My family always to busy. You are so lucky you and your family go on vacation together. And most of all. I have got to know you by looking at all of your paintings. And most of all i think of you like my family. I hope you don't mind that i think of you like family.

  7. Thank you for your kind message, Anon. I appreciate your concern for me and your interest in my paintings.

  8. I'm so glad to read all when well with that replacement. I had exactly the same experience with my new knee. It was like my life had been given back to me again...:)

  9. Thank you very much, TB. I'm delighted to hear that you also had a great experience with your replacement knee. We are certainly fortunate in having such effective medical procedures available.

  10. I hope you will paint some christmas paintings. I love christmas very much. I hope you and your family have a very christmas. Do you and your family anything special at christmas time or for new year eve.

  11. I hope you will paint. where ever you are on your christmas vacation. I hope it is snowing.So you can paint the snow. I love sonow very much. If it snowes on your vacation. I hope you will paint a snowman for me. I love snowmen very much. I hope you and your family have a very nice christmas. And happy new year in 2013! I hope you don't mind that i adopted you as my family.