Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Marketing Flyer for Gainesville, Florida Exhibit of Paintings

I am very pleased with the look of my new marketing flyer, prepared for the exhibit of my paintings at Paddiwhack in Gainesville, Florida. I think you can enlarge it by double-clicking on the image. A few posts ago, I showed you the grouping of paintings there and the Artist's Statement written for that show (it is framed and standing near the paintings). Both these publicity pieces will be useful in other contexts as well; I did not want to go to the time and expense of preparing and printing them just for this six week event.
I am grateful to painting mentor Linda Blondheim for excellent advice, generously shared, as I wrote and prepared these materials and to Lori Taylor of Trends Home Decor for layout assistance and low-cost printing for both pieces.
Whenever I visit other artists' shows, I pick up any well-done publicity pieces that are available. For one thing, I enjoy visiting their blogs and web sites and sometimes strike up an email correspondence with some artists, so like to have their contact information. The other reason I keep these materials on file is that they are helpful when I need to prepare my own publicity materials. Of course, I do not copy what another artist has to say. But, as you know, if you have tried to write any publicity piece from scratch, it can be very difficult. For me, it is doubly difficult to write about myself and my work--even though I enjoy sharing the works and their stories. I just feel blocked and shy about it. Viewing and reading the materials of others helps me get started.
So, I hope that others among you might find the ideas, layout, or other features in this flyer useful. Do not plagarize please :>), but feel free to use this or the artist's statement from the earlier post as a springboard for your own publicity materials. As I am inspired by all of you and your creativity (and I don't mean only the practicing "artists" among you, but all the bloggers who share thoughts and visuals), I hope that you find something stimulating or fun in this post.
Question of the day: Do you also find preparing publicity materials--or any necessary writing you are called to do--difficult, especially getting the process started?


  1. I think this turned out beautifully, crisp and clean, Mary. I've only had to write "publicity" materials once and that was for a bio for a book one of my pieces was selected to be in... (Called "Love from Me", offered on Blurb, and created by a lady with cancer who put together a beautiful book with all proceeds going to help with the costs of living that are involved when a patient has to go through treatment.) I did find it difficult as I don't really like to talk about myself in a positive light. Now was that a sad comment or what??? LOL

  2. You are too much, Sherry--there are so many positive things to say about you! I know what you mean, though, although my problem seems to be feeling shy about talking or writing about myself at all :>). Thank you for your kind words about this piece--very encouraging adjectives, my friend.

  3. Looks great - makes me wish I could get there to see it - good luck!

  4. Thank you, Robin. What a treat it would be to have you (and other blogging friends) magically transported for a visit sometime. I would certainly love to visit you and to see your lovely paintings in person, too.

  5. A note of appreciation to all who visit. I heard from Grayquill that Blogger has been cranky lately and that he was unable to leave a comment when he visited.

    I apologize to any of you who might also have tried to comment in recent weeks and have encountered frustration. I hope they iron out the difficulties very soon.

  6. Hi Mary..
    I love learning from Linda too. I always enjoy seeing Florida through both of your eyes.

  7. Marian, I think many of us have learned from Linda--she is so generous with marketing tips and painting advice! I'm glad you enjoy Florida through our eyes--we both see and paint a Florida that is quite different from some stereotypes of our varied state.