Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recipe index for this blog--Healthy, Homemade Food

     Providing you with an index for all the recipes featured in this blog seemed like a good idea. For one thing, the extent of reader interest in my recipes has surprised me since it is not the main focus of the blog. You have commented and emailed me about them, and even recipes posted many months ago continue to pop up in blog stats as among the most often viewed and most popular posts. I call cooking my other art form and love to plan and make healthy meals and treats. Hope you continue to enjoy the recipes and ideas, too.

     Often, I realize--only as we are eating--that blog readers might like a recipe for one of the dishes on our table, but by then it's too late. Since I personally much prefer cookbooks with color pictures, I don't want to write about food without a photo of the dish. Notes to self: first, more often think about a photo/possible post before digging in; second, post about food and recipes more often.

     The following index lists previous posts by type of dish and creates a link to each of the recipes or food-related tips. I hope it will be useful for you. Please let me know if any of the links fail to work for you or if I have made a mistake anywhere. And in the future, look for a link to this post each time a new recipe comes along.

Appetizers and miscellaneous tips:

Black bean pinwheels
Ginger root tea 
Holiday weight-control trick
Homemade hummus

Main dishes:

Hearty mixed-bean soup
Italian Sausage and White Bean Casserole
Lean pork stir-fry
No sweat ("cool kitchen") cooked chicken
Pumpkin black bean soup
Noodle vegetable stir-fry with peanut butter sauce


Eggplant cooking tips
Health spa ratatouille
Make-ahead cabbage salad
Mixed baked beans
Pea and carrot salad
Turkish stuffed eggplant


Applesauce spice cake
Holiday Hungarian pastry
Lemon ice cream


Question of the day: Is this index helpful to you? Are there any other blog topics you'd like me to summarize or to index?


  1. I so rarely cook anymore, Mary! But I sure am always interested and always plan on getting back to it, one of these days! I love the recipe index and more than once have wanted to try one of your recipes that you share. Love the idea of having photos with them too. I'm already having mouth watering issues with these photos!

  2. Thank you for your generous comment, Sherry. Glad the photos are working :>). Great to hear from you.

  3. I like cabbage alot. Do you ever make cabbage soup. I like cabbage and cabbageeggsrolls. Do you know how make cabbageeggsrolls. And if so how do you make cabbageeggsrolls. I lke eggplant very much. When we have eggplant. We have it like ovile grander. That how my mom makes eggplant like ovile grander does. How do you cook eggplant. Please put the recipe how you cook on your blog. So i can copy the recipe. I hope you have a great day Wednesday. I hope you have a great weekend. P.S. Are you going to have another open house. If so when are you going to have another open house. I hope you will put it on your blog. When ever you do have another open house.