Saturday, March 10, 2012

For Health and Enjoyment--Fresh Ginger Root Tea

Is anyone else out there fighting a cold or some other respiratory ailment? Although my husband and I very seldom have colds anymore (at our age, we seem to have accumulated multiple immunities--a small comfort as other age-related troubles come around :>), we have each suffered a very bad cold in recent weeks. Hopefully, mine is beginning to wind down. One home remedy that is very soothing is ginger root tea. According to the nutrition expert Joy Bauer, ginger root is also a natural anti-inflammatory substance helpful for arthritis and other forms of inflammation. However, she cautions that it may also thin the blood a bit, so check with your doctor before using if you take blood thinning medications.
The first time I decided to try it, an internet search turned up all sorts of recipes and ideas, some fairly complicated. I tried instead simply slicing some ginger root and boiling it up to drink with lemon and honey--that worked fine for us. We like it quite strong, to the point that the tingle in the throat it causes could be termed a slight burn. With some experimentation, you can find the best strength for your taste.
To make simple ginger root tea,
- break off a length of the root and wash it as you would a baking potato (I leave the skin on for tea since we don't eat the pieces)
- cut slices, anywhere from quite thin to 1/4" thick at the most
- put the slices in a pot of water and bring it to a boil
- boil for 10 - 12 minutes
- strain into a mug
I add about 1 tsp. of lemon juice and honey to taste (probably a Tbsp. for me--I don't measure it) and drink up. It is both tingly and soothing for a sore throat and helps open up clogged sinuses. The photos show the amount of ginger root I used for about 3 cups of water, with a quarter coin for size comparison (after they posed for me, I cut the larger pieces into fourths for boiling).
Ginger root tea has become a favorite alternative to black tea for me, even when I feel fine. It is refreshing and restorative, as well as adding significant anti-oxidants to the day.
Question of the day: What is your favorite home remedy for a cold?


  1. Haven't found anything that works as a home remedy. But I sure like the sound of this one! I love when you post, Mary.

  2. I love ginger, so I will have to give this ginger root tea a try. Thanks, Mary. And I love your little chickadee tea cup! Happy Sunday.

  3. Thank you, Sherry; you are a great encouragement to me. I wish I could get myself going to post a bit more often, but I do as well as I can, it seems. Yes, this tea has a nice zing, and I think you would like even if it doesn't work as a remedy.

    Hi, LIsa. I'm not surprised you are a ginger fan, too. That china tea mug is also a good pick-me-up for me. We gave it to my mother as a gift some years ago. She was a true bird lover up in Michigan, where chicadees are among their cheerful winter companions. When she died, it came back to us--so carries good memories and meaning whenever I use it.

  4. I am going to try this recipe even though I've recovered from my cold. Sounds delicious and refreshing. For a cold I like to make lemon tea for myself. I have a prolific lemon tree that seldom fails me all year long. I heat a cup of water in the microwave, ream the juice from a 1/2 to 1 lemon into the water, add some honey, and enjoy. It seems to help clear the congestion and cleans up the messy sore throat.

  5. That sounds like a great remedy, Mary. I like tea with honey and lemon, but the tea is probably the least important part of the drink and the lemon the most helpful. Lucky you to have fresh lemons in your own yard nearly all year long. Thanks for stopping in and for your response.