Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jacksonville Beach Painting Progress--Focus on Sky and Sea

It has finally been possible to get back to the Jacksonville Beach scene I began painting a few weeks ago, a small piece in a panoramic format, 6" X 12". Sky and sea were my main interest in this little study, which I worked to keep quick and minimal. Although the piece is not finished, I wanted to show you its present form. The birds are just quick-sketched in with white and grey tones and need some adjustment. There will be a few other refinements in the clouds, beach sand, and waves, but the basics are all here.
As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, working more quickly was a goal for this piece. I work slowly and include a great deal of detail in my larger paintings--perhaps too much at times. The point of this exercise was to help me fight a tendency to be too fussy and instead to take a breezy, minimal approach, intentionally working in shorter sessions.
The palette is very simple: ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, paynes grey, cad red light, a touch of burnt umber (a warm brown), and titanium white. The top photo shows the entire piece; the other is a detail shot. This has been a satisfying study, and I am looking forward to more exercises in a breezier style in the future as well as to planning some larger paintings in my more typical style.
Question of the day: Are you trying something at least a little new and different this summer?


  1. Breezier style? I like that term, Mary. I think this piece is fabulous. I am reminded of childhood when any trip to any water that involved me getting to get into it was just so exciting for me. I've always loved being in water. That said, I wouldn't stuff myself into a bathing suit if you paid me now. Sigh...

    As to trying to something new? Not really. I did a piece recently that I called a mosaic (though made with paper) and I loved it. The idea came from a project I did way back in grammar school that was assigned by the teacher. I still remember loving it so thought I'd give it another go, only with a slight twist. I am quite proud of that piece.

  2. Love this - it's so peaceful and calming to look at. I still see lots of great details, even if you think they are minimal :-) .

  3. Your paper mosaic piece sounds great, Sherry. You always have more creative ideas than any 30 people have time for. Thank you for your kind response to the beach piece; I love water, too--any water--which probably shows when I paint beach scenes.

    What a lovely comment, Anne! Thank you. I enjoy hearing that you find this piece peaceful and calming to look at.

  4. Haven't been "blogging" in a while, Mary, and what an enjoyable evening I'm having catching up with yours! Love the format for this painting and those clouds are amazing! I also work slowly so know exactly what you're saying. This one makes me want to grab the sun screen and head for the beach!

  5. Oh, Rosemary, you've made my day! Most of all, I am thrilled when people see a painting and "want to be there"--since I only paint places I treasure, I always hope others will feel the same way. Thanks for the comment about the clouds; they can be challenging in acrylics.