Friday, July 22, 2011

Beware of a Known Art Pirate

On a recent visit to Susan Roux's lovely blog, I learned of a person who apparently steals and photoshops the original paintings of others and then markets the result as his own work. Very low behavior, indeed.
Susan has given me permission to provide a link so that my readers are also warned.
Please let me know what you think of her suggestion to "friend" this person on Facebook in order to see if any of my (or your) art work has been fraudulently used in this way. I hesitate to contact him in any way, in case that would make him aware of my paintings. And what action could I take if I did discover improper use of my images? Beyond that, he is unlikely to be the only internet art pirate out there. Life in this Brave New World is complicated.
Question of the day: This sort of piracy is beyond my level of expertise, and I am tempted to simply "play possum" about the whole thing. Yet I certainly do not want my hard work to be stolen. What do you (both artists and others) think?


  1. I think this guy is disgusting and I hope that somehow, some way, some day, he can be prosecuted for this. I'm not on FB any longer (haven't been in almost a year now) and my art is steal worthy so playing possum on this one is easy for me.

  2. I agree, Autumn; I hope he is caught and punished. Producing art is hard work, and a person who steals another's creative pieces is real scum.

  3. I meant my art is NOT steal worthy! LOL

  4. I feel the same way about my art, Sherry, but you never know what someone else thinks of our work or what they will do. Anyhoo, I plan to play possum on this one. Still thought it was worthwhile for others to know about. Susan Roux has performed a real service for artists; when I requested permission to provide my readers a link to her post, she said other bloggers have done the same, so the word is getting around.

  5. Not long ago, I found one of my posts on someone else's site. The person simply copied and pasted what I had written as if it was her own. Very strange behavior. Why would someone be so lazy? It could be she gets paid to blog or maybe makes money with the ads on her site. I'm really not flattered.

    I have mixed feelings about Facebook. It's easy to get caught up in a virtual world and forget about real life with its responsibilities. I have to be careful with blogging too. Time passes so quickly and things get left undone.

  6. I'm of the hunker down mode myself on things I don't understand. On the other hand hurt me or mine directly and watch out I'll come after you. Ask my New York lawyers who went after a multi billion dollar corporation on my behalf. :)

  7. Thanks for your thoughts, W2W & TB.

    I am appalled that someone steps so low as to copy your original blog post, W2W. Your posts are clearly carefully crafted, both in the idea stage and in the excellent writing. It's hard to see what she stands to gain by robbing your writing. You are correct both about blogging and Facebook. I have cut back some on the time I spend blogging and visiting blogs, although I hope to become more active again in the fall--yet without taking time and energy away from other pursuits and interests. Although I am on Facebook, I have made little use of it so far--the occasional post to my wall and then browse around to see what is new in the lives of family and friends. I do not plan to do more on Facebook.

    TB, I can definitely hear your characteristic good sense and your personal strength in your comment. I agree that we should set a limit as to what we will tolerate from individuals, groups, or corporations who try to take advantage of or hurt us. Yet, being vigilant and responding to every real or perceived harm can eat up one's life and happiness. Well said.