Saturday, December 12, 2009

Exploring--Our North Florida Winter Beach Plus Bidding Update

I wish you all a very joy-filled holiday season. Although we try to keep our Christmas season low key and focused on what really matters, it is still a fairly busy time. Because of that, our little Shih-Tzu, Maggie, and I have not been to the beach in the last few weeks. Missing the wide sweep of sand with timeless waves rolling in, I decided to post a few Jacksonville Beach photos with today's greetings.
These are early winter shots, taken on two different November days, quite late in the day. The sun setting behind homes and buildings casts long shadows on the sand. The beach in one photo is littered with broken shells, kelp and other marine vegetation, tossed up by wind-driven waves at high tide on a stormy day. Looking up the beach, you may be able to see the Jacksonville Beach Pier in the distance.
Now, a month later, fewer people would be wading in the cooling water, and the only swimmers would be visitors from Canada or Minnesota or someplace like that. They've come al the way to Florida for the warm weather, and by golly, they're going to jump in that ocean even though both the air and North Florida's Atlantic waters are chilly.
OK, I've talked myself into it. Instead of missing the beach, I promise myself to walk there sometime this week, even for a short visit. It will be good for my peace of mind and spiritual center.
Question of the day: If this is a busy time for you, what quiet, centering moments do you plan to include in the next few weeks?
Bidding for the 9" x 12" original painting, Purple Iris Solitaire, remains at zero, so it looks like a low bid will take it. Deadline for bidding is noon on Monday, December 14. Bidding starts at $12; a bid of $20 or more will win you free shipping in the US and $5 off international shipping. Scroll down for more details and a photo of the painting.


  1. These are beautiful photos, Mary, and so make me want to walk along that beach myself! I loved going to the ocean when I lived in WA. Prior to moving there, my ocean experience had remained only visiting the Atlantic when we were in Florida for vacations. Now, I've seen both coasts, the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Mexico...Always just beautiful to my water loving eyes. As to your question...hmmm...My centering moments tend to be more when I've accomplished some task or goal and I just finish. Otherwise my mind is constantly running on what still remains to be done. Oy. Sometimes I think I must be a nut job.

  2. You have so much energy, it's amazing, Autumn. I loved seeing your holiday projects on your blog. But I'm glad to hear that you can take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments. It looks as though this afternoon could be a great beach walking time here after tons of rain yesterday. Hope I can there.