Thursday, December 3, 2009

Growing--Floral Painting Up for Bid--Limited Time Offer

Although I do not normally use this blog as a marketing tool, some of you have emailed to ask if the paintings I post are for sale. The answer is yes, and one of my growth areas will be in online marketing. I hope to begin a website or other internet outlet early in the new year.
In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to take bids on this 9" x 12" floral painting, Purple Iris Solitaire. It is an acrylic on canvas board, coated with a clear medium. Quality acrylics are non-toxic and durable, do not fade, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They will last literally for generations--something to hand down as well as to enjoy now. The journey involved in creating this piece is described in my September 13 post.
I will take bids of $12 or more via email at; if the highest bidder offers $20 or more, I will include free shipping within the US via USPS priority mail. As always, I offer an unconditional money-back guarantee on paintings returned within 10 days in original condition--no questions asked. If you are not satisfied, the painting will go to the second highest bidder. So this is a no-risk opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind, original art (I do not make copies or prints of any of my paintings) for yourself or as a holiday gift. I sell works unframed in order to keep prices down and so that you can choose your own framing style. This painting will fit any standard 9" x 12" frame, can be custom-framed, or can be displayed as is on a small easel.
On Wednesday, December 9, and again on Saturday, the 12th, I will post the current highest bid for your information. Then, the following Monday, December 14, the winner will be announced (remaining anonymous is an option). The painting will be shipped as soon as the winner's payment clears.


  1. A beautiful flower Mary, and I think your landscape in your last post is absolutely stunning.

  2. GAH!! The holiday money pits have taken hold around here otherwise I'd be first in line for this beautiful iris, Mary! I may take a look at our finances and see if I can bid! At any rate, I hope that your online marketing site does very well! Much success, darlin'.

  3. Thank you, Liz, for your encouragement--it means a lot to me coming from such a fine artist.

    I completely understand, Autumn, if this is not the best time for bidding for you--it is fun to hear that you might have given it a whirl. Putting something up for bids will probably happen again if there is some response to this offer. Thank you for your good wishes, my dear--it always makes my day to hear from you.