Friday, April 20, 2012

New Orleans Visit, Part III--Riverboat Tour

While we were in New Orleans last month, we took a Mississippi River tour on a stern-wheel driven steamboat (one of the last authentic steamboats on the Mississippi River). The informative commentary brought the busy harbor, various city parishes, and a stretch of the mighty river alive for us. Except for the photo of the paddle boat itself, you are seeing views from the boat.
You can see Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral again (see recent post for more information) as we pull away from the French Quarter. The USS Cape Kennedy is a large naval cargo ship; one photo shows the stern hatch of its sister ship open with its ramp out for loading or unloading tanks and other heavy equipment. We also got a sense of what a busy shipping port New Orleans is, with commercial cargo ships from all over the world coming, going, docked, loading, and unloading. Returning from a fascinating 2-hour cruise, we enjoyed stunning views of the city.
Question of the day: Do you also gravitate to bodies of water, water tours, and water recreation when you travel or relax near home? We enjoy cities, mountains, desert vistas, and more--but have to admit that nothing beats rivers, oceans, lakes, etc. for beauty and enjoyment for us.


  1. I think being by the sea is just exquisite. Nothing more calming when you need it so and nothing more enervating when you need that too. My dream used to be a beachside home or actually living on a houseboat. I still love the idea but also thinking living in the trees in the mountains would be amazing too. Sometimes the smells of the sea become a bit too much for me.

  2. Our next winter trip to Florida will include a side jaunt to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. I'm impressed by what you saw Mary. As to venues us Minnesotans love green & blue. The water part though has to be small streams with trout and small lakes and ponds. Big water scares me especially when the wind comes up... :)

  3. As always, Sherry, it's delightful to hear your thoughts. We love being in the trees in the mountains also, but would miss the ocean if we were away from it too long. The Great Lakes are terrific, too--I grew up on beautiful Lake Michigan.

    Hey, TB, it's great to hear from you! So nice to know that you are impressed by what we saw in New Orleans; it definitely exceeded my expectations. SInce it's more than what we consider a day's drive away from Jacksonville, we stayed in a waterfront (on the intracoastal waterway, near the bridge over to the beaches) Best Western in Navarre, FL on the way out. Was a short detour off I-10 down by Pensacola Beach, but was worth it for us and gave us a nice afternoon on the white sands looking at the ocean and a super-fresh fish dinner. Then on the next morning.