Saturday, October 22, 2011

Open Studio Reception Coming Soon

I am excited that we are again opening our home (and my little art studio) for a reception in a couple of weeks. Our local daughter-in-law, Ashley, will cater, which will make this event much, much simpler for me than the previous reception two years ago. She makes amazing party food and is a super hostess, too. Again, we are fortunate that our friend, Greg Spiess, a super party pianist, will provide music for the gathering. UPDATE: I have now added an index to all blog posts about planning and holding an art reception. Access it here.

A number of items on my planning list are checked off, leaving a task list that seems manageable. It was a wonderful feeling to put a big batch of postcard invitations in the mail this morning; a few more await completion once I locate addresses.
If you are reading this, you are definitely invited! What a treat it would be if blogging friends from far and near could be magically transported to our home in Jacksonville, Florida to join us. But perhaps some of you are nearby and as yet not personally known to me; if you are interested, come on down!
The postcard invitation, pictured here front and back, really looks great. On the advice of some artist friends, I order business cards, postcards, etc. from Vistaprint online and have been pleased with the results and the reasonable price. I even was able to order a nice tote bag imprinted with the same image, which will be one of the door prizes for the day. Now, to finish the last couple of smaller paintings which will be displayed (and for sale) all around the house.


  1. I remember your last event and it was fabulous judging by the photos. I wish you much fun and success with this open house too, Mary. Hope your daughter-in-law has business cards available too for your guests. Maybe it'll drum up some more business for her (if she needs/wants it).

  2. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Sherry. Yes, Ashley will have her business cards available, and I hope that it brings her some additional business in the future.

  3. TO EVERYONE: I have received a couple of emails from a kind reader who goes out of his way to send me his comments even though he is prevented (for some reason) from commenting on this blog.

    Are any of the rest of you finding that you cannot post comments here? If yes, I would very much appreciate a quick email to let me know that. I don't think it is anything I can fix, but I would certainly try.

  4. Sometimes when I try to post, Mary, it might not take a comment. I just hit the back arrow and hit "post comment" again and it goes through. Always try twice, if possible.

  5. Thanks for letting us know that, Sherry. I wish I could make it simpler for readers, but it is just a Blogger thing, I think. I have had trouble posting on other people's blogs at times, too.