Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Early Autumn, North Florida Style

In North Florida, we do get distinctive seasonal change, which I truly enjoy--especially the coming of autumn. However, our autumn is quite different from the season I grew up with on Lake Michigan's shore. Although some of our trees change color, many are evergreen--or have leaves that just curl up and turn brown before they drop. Whatever "typical" autumn changes come this year, they are still a month or two away. I do miss the brilliant colors of autumn in places we have lived before. But even here, with the sun slanting at a lower angle and a softer hue in the sky, I still feel the same lift to my spirits as always. Some of you may find autumn a bit sad, a kind of ending. For me, it has always been enlivening. Maybe that's because I loved school and the beginning of the new school year. Brand new pencils, marching band practice, football mums from a special guy, and Orion rising in the night sky, are all a breath of fresh air. In fact, this is the time of year I am most likely to start a new venture, to renew my exercise program, and to make resolutions as the lifting of the heat provides me with newfound energy.
Here in coastal North Florida, late-blooming flowers are an early autumn bonus that comes with slightly cooler nights (and finally, sufficient rain). Our mandevilla vine waited even longer than usual to bloom this year, but has been lovely. Off and on for awhile, I have been working on a small painting of these brilliant blooms, but have not yet achieved the colors I want. It's frustrating. Florals can be much more difficult than you might think, and I am always impressed by the lovely paintings of accomplished floral artists. Maybe I'll need to be content with enjoying the real thing.
Question of the day: Have you lived in distinctly different climates at different times? How do you feel about the beginning of autumn?


  1. beautiful photos, Mary! droppin' by to say THANK YOU for the friendship, i really appreaciate it. hope all is well in your side of the world as it is in mine. :)

  2. My thoughts of autumn follow your own, Mary. Except I wasn't in band and I don't like mums. But otherwise? Oh yes!

    I lived in FL for about 3 or 4 mos. I guess. Hated the heat and humidity. And too much sun! I love the overcast days. Lived in Tucson for 2 years too. Again, too much sun, too much heat, though humidity not much of an issue. Nope. I'm a northerner through and through! Lived in Tacoma for 12 years and I miss that weather more than any other.

  3. Cher, it's super to hear from you from over there on the other side of the world. I appreciate your friendship, too, and thank you for brightening my day (which was already fairly bright :>) and now is terrific).

    From your blog title, I would have guessed you as a fan of autumn, Sherry! I agree with you about heat and humidity and certainly would not want to live any further south than here (which is not far from the Georgia border). It is enriching, though, to live in various places, don't you think?

  4. I'm glad there's someone else in FL who's smart enough to see that there are seasons in FL. Now if I could only get other folks to see the same.

  5. It's a treat to hear from you, SR! Thank you very much for your comment. I need to visit you to see where in Florida you are located.