Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exciting Opportunity--New Venue for Painting Sales

This 22" X 28" acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas, called Textures by the Creek is now for sale in a lovely, classy shop called Trends Home Decor. I am thrilled with this new opportunity and will show more pieces there in the near future.
Through a happy serendipity, just at the time that I had been investigating possible outlets for my work, we attended an art reception at Trends. Our friends, a florist and a musician, were participating in the event--the florist having opened a satellite location in one portion of the shop. When we walked in, William, the florist, introduced me to the owner as a painter. She immediately asked if I "already had someone representing" me. I was momentarily stunned because that sounded like a question for a bigger name artist than me. However, I tried to act cool and said, "Not at the moment."
Well, no need to make this a long involved story--I browsed the shop that day with a careful eye to the art pieces, home accessories, and furniture sold there, the presentation, the clientele, and other factors that mattered if I worked with the shop. It seemed that my work would fit well there, being compatible, yet not exactly like, other pieces, and being in a similar price range. The atmosphere is classy, yet relaxed and welcoming. The owner, Lori Taylor, is a savvy retailer, but also a personable, caring colleague to the consignors whose works make up part of her inventory. She is a fine artist herself, with some lovely, interesting mixed media pieces displayed in her shop.
When I made an appointment to show her some of my work, she was very enthusiastic about working together. Her terms are simple and fair. So instead of taking a complex contract home to study and think about as I had planned, I decided on the spot to leave the largest piece for her usual 90 days. The only reason I don't have more pieces there yet is that I need to decide how to price them in order to make a satisfactory amount after her commission without ending up with too high a price--a new and interesting marketing puzzle for me to solve. I am very excited about this new venture and hope that if you live near Jacksonville, FL or visit here sometime, you will stop in at Trends Home Decor. 3919 Hendricks Avenue.
Question of the day: Isn't it interesting that sometimes we have to struggle and sweat to advance toward our goals, and then, once in a while, a sudden serendipity opens a new door?


  1. That sounds like a wonderful place to showcase your art. Congrats, Mary. I'm sure you'll do very well there!!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Manon. I means a lot to me. I'm as excited as you might guess about this new outlet for my art.

  3. Serendipity has been largely lacking in my life, alas. Still, I am so excited for you, Mary! I love the painting you left with the shop owner too. It sounds like a neat shop! I can only dream to have pieces come out as beautifully as all you wonderful artists! As bad as my pieces are, it is still hard to part with them because they are all my babies! LOL

  4. YOU GO GIRL!!! :O)

    That is fantastic, Mary. I'm so happy for you and wish you the best of luck. Wish I could see your wonderful paintings in person.


  5. I hope for serendipity for you very soon, Autumn--you are so sweet, talented, and deserving. Thank you for celebrating with me. I feel the same about parting with my babies, but getting them out of the house is good motivation for creating more new pieces :>).

    You are generous and encouraging to other artists, Lisa--I appreciate you cheering me on. Every time I visit your blog, I wish that I could see your delightful paintings in person as well. Who knows, maybe one of these days . . .

  6. Mary, every inch of this painting is wonderful - from the foreground grasses to the sparkle on the water!

    A happy serendipity indeed! I hope you and Trends have a long and satisfactory relationship and your paintings fly right out of there! Good luck to you!

  7. Oh, Rosemary, your comments truly make my day! I value your encouragement because of your own artistry and because I believe that you are willing to be honest and would not over-praise a piece insincerely. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your friendship and good wishes.