Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning and Growing--I Now Have a Facebook Page

Today, I only have time for a quick post to say that I now have a Facebook page. I have been slow to try this technology, but have wanted to begin to connect with friends and family via social networking. Today I took the plunge and have enjoyed the experience so far--mostly--as this old dog slowly learns a new trick.
I hope that my blogging friends will check in. Try the Facebook "badge" on this blog, and please let me know if it is working or not.
The best "head shot" I could find for my profile is posted here for your amusement. I cropped it out of a photo a couple of years old from a fun getaway to Myrtle Beach, SC with my sister. Browsing my IPhoto library showed me what happens when I am usually the person taking the photos--nothin' much of myself there.
I will soon post some photos from our son's wedding on Facebook, so there will be a few more sightings of this dancing fool.
Question of the day: In your opinion, what are the benefits and pitfalls of using Facebook?


  1. Mary you look so lovely! Anyway, I tried Facebook and I personally didn't really care for it too much. I found it too staccato (that is the word that keeps coming to my mind). It just seemed too impersonal and didn't really lend itself to good conversation. Of course, that all said, I think I am in the minority on that idea. Hope you enjoy it! The one place I did love was the artist's gallery. Had I stayed longer, I probably would have met more wonderful artists (insofar as one can really "meet" anyone via the internet).

  2. Thank you kindly, Autumn. I am experiencing what you mean by "staccato"--a perceptive description of the medium. However, it is fun to hear from a variety of people I don't connect with any other way--for example, the other members of our older son's band, all in California.

  3. Hi Mary, I wondered what had happened to you... Congrats to your son and his new bride... They look like a wonderful couple.

    People have begged me to start a Facebook page. I just don't have time. Just keeping up with this blogging is about all I can do right now.

    Good Luck with your Facebook page.

  4. HI Mary, Love your paintings particularly the pieces on the ocean. You capture it's power and majestry beautifully.
    Can't say much about FaceBook. Just joined myself.
    (first time visitor. Thanks for the wonderful reads)

  5. Lookin good Mary. My spouse just joined Facebook but I haven't had any reports on it. Methings blogging is about all I can handle. :)

  6. Thank you all for visiting and commenting. It looks as though more of us are getting back to our blogs (although I know some of you have been faithfully posting right through the holidays) and with our visits to each other's blogs.

    I agree with you, Betsy and Troutbirder, that blogging is a worthwhile use of time and a fairly demanding project. It remains to be seen whether I can gain the benefits I hope for from Facebook while keeping the time it consumes at a reasonable level.

    Thank you for your good wishes for our newlyweds, Betsy. We are so very grateful for our two wonderful sons and their delightful, loving wives.

    Susan I am very happy you came to visit. Did you come to the blog because of Facebook? That is one Facebook benefit I am hoping for--that it will bring more blog visitors. I am grateful for your encouragement on my paintings; it means a great deal when they touch others.