Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feeling Grateful and Ready to Get Back to Work

      I am grateful to be getting back to normal after a second hip replacement (on the other side). The surgery and recovery have both gone very well. Physical therapy is not always fun, but truly does work wonders.

     I regret my absence from the blogging community and have missed the enriching experience of creating paintings and silk scarves for awhile. The last couple of weeks, it has begun to be possible to stand at the easel or silk work table for a period of time, and I hope to have something to show you before too long. It feels as though I am just beginning to flex those "muscles", too.

Question of the day: How are all of you?



  1. Hi Mary! Good news your recovering nicely from hip surgery. I'm also doing well in therapy from shoulder surgery as well. They say patience is a virtue Ive been a little short of both but heading in the right direction now. Keep on blogging....:)

  2. Glad your recovery is going well, TB; your sense of humor is a boon to healing, I'm sure. I really appreciate your encouragement to keep on blogging--very timely. I sometimes procrastinate and don't post often, but truly enjoy the chance to express some thoughts and the connection to a larger community of interesting people.