Thursday, October 9, 2014

Enjoying a Lovely North Florida Beach

     A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a most generous gift; some friends gave us a 3-night stay at a beautiful beach house nearby. Since it had 4 bedrooms (and 4 full baths--glorious luxury!), some family members joined us. Our Jacksonville son and his wife spent some time with us, and Mark's Wisconsin brother and wife flew down for the entire time. 

     Although I spent much more time playing than taking photos, I have a few shots to show you. Two show a sunrise, the misty moments before the sun came up and then the sun rising just enough to hide partially behind a cloud (otherwise, it is too bright on the horizon for easy viewing or for a good photo). 

    Other than that, I won't go on with description--it's a wonderful place, and we had a great time, including some successful surf casting by our sportsman Wisconsin brother. He caught two gorgeous Pompano, which I understand are becoming rare in our area.

     We are truly grateful for the gift of this relaxing and renewing time with family and for the beauty of our coast.

Question of the day: What is your home area looking like this time of the year?


  1. The leaves are changing here, air is crisper, change is in the wind, Mary. Even for me. The photos are gorgeous and I am so glad to hear you got to spend time with family!

  2. Oh, Sherry, I do miss the changing leaves. We have some in North Florida, but nothing like the upper Midwest or Northest--or even the lovely Atlanta area where we used to live. Autumn has always been my favorite season. Thanks for your visit and comment.