Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post # 200; The Creative Journey Continues

Late Day Clouds at Jacksonville Beach, FL, July 2013
     Here's an odd coincidence; in my very first post on April 21, 2009, I used the cloud photo that inspired my most recent painting. Now, I've reached the 200th post for this blog. Along with my recent 67th birthday, that's cause for some reflection--in the form of blog evaluation and overall gratitude. 

     1. Rereading that first post, I see that my intention was to post about twice a week, "perhaps sometimes more". That has slipped into a schedule more like twice a month, occasionally more often. Every so often, I feel badly about this rate and try to do more, but it hasn't lasted--at least not recently. However, my posting pace is right for me at this time. 
     2. Even more than the posting schedule, I try to improve on my once weekly or so session of visiting all the beautiful, varied, and interesting blogs written by the blogging friends I have been fortunate to "meet" along this journey. I'll continue to do my best, and I am humbled by those of you who manage frequent, quality posts as well as visits to other blogs (and comments) in the midst of many other commitments and pursuits.
     3. I do think that many of the posts in this blog have been thoughtfully developed. I know that writing them, editing and polishing them, and choosing appropriate photos has been meaningful for me; writing is a path to discovery, I think--of self and of other things that matter. It's fun to know they are of interest to you, as well.

     1. God's love, family, home, extended family, and priceless friends.
     2. Health, especially renewed comfort and mobility after a hip replacement. I don't expect perfect health or total freedom from aches and pains at my age, but overall--much to be thankful for.
     3. Meaningful work and play activities, including tutoring and painting--and so much more.
     4. Rewarding volunteer callings, including helping in the Peace Presbyterian Church Food Pantry (which does astonishing community service for a smallish congregation), pre-GED tutoring at the amazing Women's Center of Jacksonville (discovered through Volunteer Match), working to better our lovely, though very imperfect city through JAX2025, and other projects.
     5. The sometimes gentle, sometimes fearsome, beauty and mystery of nature.

      I could go on--and will in my daily meditation time--but will spare you all that and end with more gratitude.



  1. I always wanted to be a volunteer at summer camp. Because i love kids. I wish i could be a volunteer at a summer camp. Because i always loved going to summer camp. When i was litte. Where you volunteer at. Do they have a summer camp for kids. Where you can be a volunteer with kids. If they do have summer camp. Where you can volunteer with kids. I would like to know. Where you volunteer at if there is a summer camp. Where you can be a volunteer at a summer camp.

  2. I love reading your blog, Mary. I have since I found it so consider me a friend too. I am amazed at all you do and how much you accomplish. I just no longer have much energy beyond work and seeing my kids and grandkids. Congratulations on 200 posts. Know too that I always enjoy your questions of the day; they make me think. Stop and think.

  3. How nice that you want to volunteer, Anon. There is no summer camp where I volunteer, but if you ask people around you, you can probably find out more

    I do consider you a friend, Sherry--and am richer for it! I really don't do as much as you might think; loafing around is an important part of this semi-retired life. Given your health challenges, demands at work, and family commitments, I have always thought that YOU are amazing in all you do. I VERY MUCH appreciate your visits and insightful comments. Thank you for all your encouragement and for sticking with me.