Monday, October 18, 2010

Savoring--Nature, Relaxation--Life is Good Today

Did you need to look at the smaller photos to figure out what the larger photo shows?
It is, of course, the view from our backyard hammock. We are thankful to have cooler weather to make this a relaxing place to hang out again. The smaller photos show one more view from the hammock, looking toward the house, and one of the hammock itself. Y'all should come on down!
I truly hope that all of you have taken time lately for the renewing relaxation of spending time in the fresh autumn air. Wherever you are, whatever your responsibilities or troubles, you deserve at least a brief break doing nothing beyond breathing in natural beauty. A nearby park will do if there is no peaceful place at home. Three deep breaths--don't you wish everyone around you paused for three deep breaths several times a day?
Question of the day: Where is your favorite place to breathe deeply?


  1. Oooh... I love hammocks. You have a gorgeous view. Enjoy every minute you can out there!!

  2. Looks like a corner of Paradise to me! I love hammocks too! Enjoy!

  3. Very nice Mary. Any place wild and free of crowds, social postering, gasoline fumes and loud and obnoxious music i.e. rap. Actually, the pine forests be they in the Rocky Mts. or Arrowhead Country here in Minn. Actually, though I lost my sense of smell due to a virus some decades ago. Still I have a strong memory, close my eyes, breath deeply and remember. :)

  4. Well, someday, Manon, I hope you will stop by and enjoy some North Florida relaxation with me :>).

    It is paradise, Rosemary, both relaxing and (sometimes) a place where a creative new vision is born----seemingly effortlessly.

    I know from your blog how deeply you appreciate natural beauty, TB. I'm sorry to hear that your sense of smell is present only in memory--it is good you have that to draw on.

  5. i am a nature lover so i normally love to breathe fresh air outdoors. :)
    i love everything here Mary, you are blessed to have such a beautiful backyard close to nature.

  6. Your love for nature and the beauty in your area is clear to any visitor to your blog, Cher. Thank you for stopping by--we are blessed indeed in our quiet North Florida backyard.