Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exploring--Cleveland, Ohio, Blossom Center, and Lake Erie Islands

I apologize for being gone for a couple of weeks, both from posting and from visiting your blogs. Nothing is wrong here--just have been swept away by happy life events. I will try to be a more active blogger in October.
Since I have not yet tormented y'all with any posts about "What I did on my summer vacation", here it comes :>). This past summer, we enjoyed a wonderful road trip to visit my sister in Salisbury, MD and my brother in Cleveland, OH. Of course, time with family is priceless, but I also enjoyed exploring both these interesting locations.
The first photo above shows a view of the Cleveland skyline as seen approaching the dock after a river boat tour on the Goodtime III. Fond memories of the interesting sights on the Goodtime II umpty years ago put this Cleveland attraction at the top of my list of things to see and do during our visit. The glut of photos from this ride in my IPhoto album indicate the many interesting sights, including Cleveland's iconic Terminal Tower, seen from every side as we followed the winding course of the Cuyahoga River. It is the distant, pointy-topped building on the right here. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the modern building on the left, designed by world-famous architect, I. M. Pei.
The second photo shows a quiet beach on one of the Lake Erie Islands. We explored Put-in-Bay, a touristy town on one island as well as lovely natural areas, all by golf cart (the line for bringing cars onto the ferry didn't seem worth the wait that day).
Finally, another nostalgic event--we attended a stunning performance of some of our classical music favorites at Blossom Center, summer home of the world-class Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. I think the last time we were at Blossom Center was in the 1960's. It is as breath-taking as ever, with the gorgeous wood of the stage area, the acres of wooded grounds, and the amazing acoustics that allow all listeners, even those on lawn chairs or blankets on the edges of this natural "bowl" to hear every lovely note.
Question of the day: Do you know a city or town like Cleveland, which is much more attractive and interesting to visit than many realize?


  1. Of all the cities I visited in the USA, I loved Cleveland the best. It really impressed me for many reasons. I was luck enough to be able to spend a week there visiting a friend. What a neat place. The one I hate the most is New York!! I dont know which was worse, the city or its people!! It is the only plac in all my years of traveling I really hated!!

  2. glad to know you had a great time, Mary! it is always a privilege to be swept away by life's happy events.
    thanks for stoppin' by and leaving a heartwarming comment. appreciate it so much. :)

  3. It's so cool to hear that you loved Cleveland, too, Joan. It is definitely an under-appreciated city. And sorry to hear about your awful experience with NYC. I am tempted to spring to its defense; we lived in the NYC area for about 15 years altogether in the late 60s through mid 80s, and I love the place. There is no excuse for the people who treated you poorly.

    You're right; it is a true privilege, Cher--thanks for stopping by with your thoughts. You always bring me a smile :>).