Monday, August 23, 2010

Growing--Nice Display of My Paintings in a Shop

The owner of Trends Home Decor in Jacksonville, Florida, has honored my work with an attractive grouping in a prime location in her shop. She likes the way these five pieces look in a grouping, and I am surprised myself by how impressive they look the way she has arranged them :>). Somehow my work looks more like real art displayed in her shop than it does at home (at least in my view). Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for our own work and can benefit from the respect others give it. I think that is true at times no matter what kind of work we do.
A previous post recounted the serendipity that led to this unexpected opportunity to display paintings for sale and described Trends in more detail. I would highly recommend Lori Taylor's fine shop and the lovely, affordable art, home furnishings and home accessories she offers. If you are in the North Florida area, stop in to see for yourself. Trends Home Decor is located at 3919 Hendricks Avenue just south of Emerson in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, Florida. Note: If the paintings above are difficult to see, just click on a photo to enlarge it.
Question of the day: When have you had an experience that provided a welcome, different perspective on your work, your life, or yourself?


  1. Mary, these look fabulous! Congrats on having them displayed in a local store.

  2. Well done on the fabulous display! I hope they sell, sell, sell.

  3. I also love the way Lori displayed your pieces, Mary. They look quite gorgeous (and much like photos rather than paintings) together like this. Your work is amazing, my friend. I've lived life with early hurts coloring my view of myself. The little digs and jibes keep coming from family members. I guess I have a hard time seeing anything good in myself. I am always surprised when someone says something nice to me via the blog. I know that is sad. I've been slapped down again via Facebook with someone saying that my profile photo wasn't 'cute'. It shouldn't matter at this stage, but that someone would still knock me for my looks hurt. (I changed the profile picture to one of my dogs so that wouldn't happen again.) I guess there isn't much anyone can say that would change my opinion of myself.

  4. Great work and so elegantly displayed.
    It is an honor to be shown like this.

  5. looks super,Mary. All your work is so fresh and soft I'm not surprised it looks so well together. Glad you took a photo of the grouping - we often don't get to see it that way or even in a collectors home.

  6. Thank you very much, Anne and Liz! I really appreciate your good wishes.

    Sherry, I agree that the way Lori displayed the pieces is terrific. Thank you for your encouragement. It breaks my heart that you are treated so poorly by family members, who should be your most basic support system. That kind of criticism leaves deep and lasting hurt, and I truly ache for you. In your blog, you display so much creativity and persistence and have such a great sense of humor that I am mystified they don't respect and appreciate you. They are lucky to have a family member like you--it is terribly sad that they are blind to that.

    Yes, Peggy, it is an honor to have work shown like this. Thank you for visiting and for your generous, kind words.

    Thank you, Robin. What lovely descriptions "fresh" and "soft" are--you have made my day! All my best to you.

  7. Lori's shop and your display compliment each other! This grouping is lovely! Your paintings are beautiful!

    I have really enjoyed visiting Greece via your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I appreciate your compliments, Rosemary. It is super to have work displayed so beautifully.

    I'm glad you like the travel posts, too--I often get fewer comments on them than on other topics, so can't tell how many readers enjoy them. BTW, the recent posts are from Turkey (which is probably what you meant to say). The Turkish Mediterranean coast easily rivals Greece, in my opinion.

  9. i recognized some of your paintings, i have a very high regards with painters/artists as i don't have that inert talent to do such amazing works. i developed a penchant with photo oil paintings recently and i'm loving it every minute. let me just re-quote you:
    "Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for our own work and can benefit from the respect others give it. I think that is true at times no matter what kind of work we do."
    you said it all for me. sometimes, i don't see my photographs as good as other people do. :)

  10. Wow, Cher, I am so glad you shared your thoughts; it is interesting (and pleases me, of course) that our creative experiences have these feelings in common. I think that your photographs are terrific, and look forward to seeing some of your painting soon as well. Sorry that it's been awhile since I have visited your lovely blog (and other blogs as well--summer has flown by!).