Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Painting of the Sun Rising Over the Ocean

     The painting of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville Beach, Florida is finished, delivered, and now hangs in the master bedroom in the Jacksonville Beach home of our younger son and his wife. They are truly thrilled with it which is extremely gratifying to me after many hours working to make "Here Comes the Sun" all that they--and I--had hoped for. The piece is in acrylic paint on a 30" x 40" gallery-wrapped canvas. 

     For some background on the original request from them and the reference photos used, see an earlier post about creating a painting to coordinate with a room's decor. I was touched and honored by their faith in me. I was also more than a little scared to undertake the largest painting I had tried so far as well as facing the difficulty involved in painting a realistic sunrise (not overdone or cheesy). The result truly pleases me. If it hadn't worked out for their home, I would have placed the piece in one of the local shops that exhibits my work. That fallback plan reassured me during the process.

     The photos show the painting in their bedroom (taken in the evening) both with overhead lighting and then with softer lighting from side lamps as well as the painting alone against their golden-yellow wall.

     I apologize for the gap between my last post and this one and will try to write entries on a more regular basis again. I have completed three new hand painted silk scarves for you to see as soon as they are pressed and ready for a photo session. All my best to fellow creators, fellow bloggers, and faithful readers of this blog.

Question of the day: Have you taken on any particularly challenging projects creating art or craft pieces for people you love?



  1. Mary, wow! That is gorgeous! It coordinates in the room so well. The depth and coolness of the water is a lovely contrast to the warm room.

    In answer to your question, it is especially difficult to paint a special painting or subject I think. However after finishing the challenge it feels pretty good! I have a couple on the back burner. Maybe I will get them done this year…..

  2. Thank you so very much, Jo, for your encouragement and for your interesting reflection on the question. You are spot on in terms of the difficulty of the process AND the good feelings once the particular challenge is met. You will do a beautiful job on your special projects, I know. Sometimes, letting them simmer--or rest--on the back burner for a time is the smartest approach to a rewarding result. At least, that's true for me.

  3. Mary, this painting is awesome! Wow! I know they LOVE it! You tackled a difficult scene using a difficult medium, acrylic - and - you totally succeeded! Kudos to you! Thanks for showing us the painting on the wall! What a beautiful room!

  4. I truly appreciate all your kind words, Rosemary--glad I'm not the only one who considers this a difficult subject. And I agree that they have made the room lovely; it is a cheerful, yet peaceful retreat for them. Thanks for stopping in.

  5. Alas, art is always challenging for me. I am rarely happy with the end result and because of this, I haven't done much art in the past year. I have recently started another piece and the drawing is looking good. But then there is the little problem of adding paint. Sigh...usually the problem is the drawing! LoL This painting is beautiful, Mary. Can't wait to see your scarves. Loved some of your earlier pieces.

  6. I love hearing from you, Sherry! LIke many others, I like your art pieces and think you are too hard on yourself. But I understand that because I can also be a tough self-critic. Friends remind me that even results that don't quite please me are often pleasing to someone else (and I have experienced that, like when people purchase the things I like less myself--art is weird that way).