Friday, May 31, 2013

Flowering Florida in Our Yard

     After several painting posts, it is time to greet late spring/early summer with photos of flowering bushes and plants in our yard. Thanks to my master gardener husband, both the yard just around the house and our small "wild" back area near a creek are rich with color and variety in every season.

     These photos are all recent--except the white flowering fringe tree, which was from an earlier year. This year the same tree was less showy. The side yard azalea outdid itself in blooming, although the plant remains fairly small. The blue-eyed grass has already bloomed several times and keeps on giving.You see part of the border it makes in front of our home and also a close-up of the little flowers it produces.

     Here's hoping your spring has been pleasant and flowery. Thank you to all of you who continue to check in periodically even though my blogging has slowed down. I am hoping to post a bit more often in the next couple of months.


  1. Your yard is beautiful, Mary! I so wish I had a green thumb. Apparently I do not. I cannot manage to keep anything alive these days.

  2. Thank you, Sherry; I can't take much credit for the yard, except as I participate in planning and do a few routine gardening chores. Mark has always cared more about flowers than I have; I just love the lush, mature trees in our neighborhood most of all.

  3. Your flowers are very nice. And your yard looks so beautiful. I love flowers very much. Because God made all the flowers yards and gardening. And most of all god made the sun and rain to make all the flowers and the yards and the gardening to grow every day and night. That why i love flowers and yards and gardening and trees. Because god made all of they beautiful things for us to love very much.