Monday, June 21, 2010

A Quick Hello and Answer to a Painting Question

I am planning some posts to answer some reader questions about my painting process. In particular, I will show you some of the stages of planning a composition, choosing a palette, and other details of preparing to create a coastal North Florida landscape painting. Artists differ greatly in their approach to the early stages of a work. For me, some time spent planning on paper helps the painting process. Believe me, I've learned that the hard way by thinking I had a workable concept and jumping in too quickly. Fortunately, acrylics allow for painting right over all the ""whoopsies" and "what was I thinking" areas. Even with careful planning, there is still a fair amount of revision as I go along with many adjustments for some of the pieces, while in other works, the plan works out more quickly and smoothly.
That's a preview to one or two posts coming soon. Today, I need to devote most of my on-line time to presenting this week's works in progress to Linda Blondheim for her e-critique services.
So, I will quickly post a photo to answer a question a few of you have e-mailed to me, "What is gallery wrap canvas?" I like the contemporary look of well-finished, unframed pieces. Some prepared canvases are stapled to their stretching boards along the sides so that a frame is necessary to cover the stapled edges. Gallery wrap canvases are more neatly stretched and are stapled to the boards on the back. I like to continue the scene right around to the sides of these canvases, as in the above photo of the autumn marsh scene. Of course, buyers who prefer framed paintings can still frame these works. But I finish the backs and wire them so that they can also be hung without a frame.
Keep those questions coming! I enjoy the conversations we have.


  1. I love the look of this piece especially extended to the sides of the canvas, Mary. I've seen them done but this just looks gorgeous on your wall. Perfect color choices to match the paint. Beautiful!!

  2. Thank you, Autumn--we like this piece, too. Once I had hung it in our little TV den over my husband's desk to take some photos, he became quite attached to it and to having it there. When I chose the palette and was painting, I was not trying to match the den, but the way they blend is probably a result of the way some of my favorite color families weave through both our home and my painting. Interesting, isn't it?